Fundraising makes a huge difference to the amount of support that AFP Legacy is able to provide for its legatees. If you or your organisation is interested in organising a fundraiser where AFP Legacy is the benefactor, please contact us.  To help us assist you with your proposed fundraising activity, please complete the Fundraising Application Form and submit to You will be contacted by AFP Legacy within 5-10 working days of our receiving your application.

AFP Legacy can also help you set up a fundraising account for an ill or deceased AFP member or family in need through the AFP Legacy Go Fundraise site. This allows you to raise awareness, arrange an event, seek sponsorship and fundraise from one area, hence taking away all the administrative tasks usually associated with soliciting funds from the public, sponsors, and community. Contact us with your request and we can provide more information.

Please visit our events page to find out how you can participate in current fundraising events.