AFP Legacy was set up in 2004 and was formerly known as the Chequered Ribbon Association (CRA). The charity wasn’t originally set up as a police legacy scheme, instead it raised money for charitable funds and purposes.

Since that time, it has undergone many changes. In 2012, the CRA Board of Management embarked upon a process to convert the CRA into a fully-fledged police legacy scheme. In 2013 the CRA announced the name change to AFP Legacy and a competition was launched, inviting AFP members and legatees to design its new logo and motto.

The AFP Legacy design competition winners were announced in 2014 with the winning logo incorporating the flame of remembrance and the chequers of the Silitoe Tartan, synonymous with policing. The design also incorporates the rectangular shape of the touchstones on the National Police Memorial. The successful motto ‘Remembrance in Service’ was carefully constructed to acknowledge the purpose and promise of AFP Legacy to remember those who have lost their lives in service, and to support the colleagues, friends and family left behind.

The name change brought the association in line with other police jurisdictions’ charity and legacy schemes. It also enabled AFP Legacy be a signatory to a national memorandum of understanding between police legacy schemes and attend and contribute to National Police Legacy Conferences.

In 2014, AFP Legacy updated its Constitution, Legatee Guidelines and signed a Cooperation Agreement with the AFP. This has signalled an exciting new chapter for AFP Legacy where the charity has been able to support more legatee families through expanding its fundraising activities and reaching across the AFP and the wider police community.

AFP Legacy provides emotional and financial support to AFP members in need. Ongoing activities build a sense of community and a support network for members. When AFP Legacy was constituted in early 2012 there was a membership base of 0.7 per cent of the AFP; now some 23 per cent of the AFP employees are financial contributors to AFP Legacy through the workplace giving program.