AFP employee salary deductions

AFP Legacy is the AFP’s primary charity, directly supporting our colleagues but more importantly, it may help your family one day.

Currently 34 per cent of the AFP is an AFP Legacy financial member contributing through salary deductions. This compares to participation of between 65-94 per cent in other jurisdictions.

Both sworn and unsworn AFP employees are eligible to join.

You should sign up for tax deductable, fortnightly salary deductions that suit your financial circumstances. Donations can be as little as a cup of coffee each week – $8 a fortnight!

Simply log into ‘Insight’, select ‘Deductions’ within the Pay Menu. Select ‘Add Deduction’ and choose ‘AFP Legacy’ and choose an amount.

There is also a hard copy form available on the AFP intranet (the Hub), which you can fill in and submit to us.

You can also set up a regular electronic transfer if that is more convenient. Contact us for our bank details.