Helping people in moments of need

Helping people in moments of need

“To suddenly becoming a widow at age 41 with 3 children is the most unimaginable and painful situation in which I have ever found myself.  After the turmoil and chaos of planning and attending my husband’s funeral, the reality of being the sole provider for me and the children started to sink in and was quite overwhelming.

AFP Legacy assisted in this area, they met with the children’s schools and were able to assist with some of the educational costs, which was a massive help and huge relief as I wanted the children’s lives to continue along the path that we had chosen for them. They had already suffered a huge change to their lives and this was something that could remain a constant.

As young adults my children are keen to fundraise for AFP Legacy as they are aware of the assistance they received at a time of much uncertainty in their lives and they would like to give back so that other families can receive help as they did.

I have recently found out that there is to be a scholarship available within the AFP in my late husband’s name.  This is important to me, he was a dedicated police officer who loved his work and it is a comfort to me that his name will not be forgotten.

To any officer or employee considering making a donation to AFP Legacy, I would like you to know that the assistance it provided at a truly horrendous time was a huge help.  I will be forever grateful and together with my children we thank you very much.” – AFP Legatee