What we do

“AFP Legacy is there to help those left behind. It has helped in many different ways – from being invited to remember our loved ones on National Police Remembrance Day; to organised outings for the children; or through sending money to assist in bills, school fees and being there as a support if we need assistance.

Just knowing there is support and people who care means a great deal. Sometimes we need financial assistance and do not know who we can turn to in those times of need. Other times it’s just having that connection with our former lives in the sense that we once lived and breathed police life as a spouse and then it is suddenly gone. I really appreciate the children getting together; they all are bound by similar tragic and difficult circumstances. These children can form bonds that can last a lifetime because they have each other for that support.

When our partner’s die, we not only lose them as our loved ones, but we lose half or more of our income, we lose our standing in the community and we often lose contacts and networks we once held as a spouse of an AFP officer. AFP Legacy helps us feel connected to the AFP family and gives us a sense that those connections are still there. More so, that the connection we have had in the past with the organisation has not been abruptly severed and it is still there for us to continue with our sense of police community and involvement. It makes us as widows feel that our partner’s memories are still there, and still cherished by those who remember them through their work.” – AFP Legatee