AFP Legacy reaches stadium audience

AFP Legacy’s brand awareness reached new heights at GIO Stadium Canberra on Saturday, where it was named Charity of the Day, and the AFP Commissioner and AFP Legacy President gave a shout out before the Raiders v Panthers match.

Speaking to a crowd of 11,500, AFP Commissioner, Andrew Colvin and AFP Legacy President, Detective Superintendent Shane McLennan were given on-field airtime to promote the work of AFP Legacy.

“We have a very active and hard-working police legacy organisation in place for our employees. AFP Legacy plays a significant role in the health of the AFP and in maintaining contact with those who have lost a loved one,” said Commissioner Colvin.

“We are a big family and AFP Legacy helps to bring us together as one.”

On the field, the Raiders managed to beat out the visitors 30–22 under 36 degree heat in what was a game of mental tenacity.

Volunteers took collections and sold merchandise during the match, raising over $1800 for AFP Legacy.

As part of the promotion, a lucky group of Legatee kids were also given free corporate box tickets to watch the match live.